Sunday, May 22, 2016

Found Art???

I got an email from a woman who's doing a video project about this old building in Pasadena.
 In particular, the Julia Morgan YWCA building.
She found me through my friend and fellow blogger Petrea Burchard,
 who did a post about Julia Morgan and the YWCA building on her blog,  
Living Vicuriously in 2012.  

I never did post any of my pics...
actually, I never did anything with them.

So I found the pics in my archives...
...and after going through them I found this one.

Call me crazy...the peeling walls etc. looked like an impressionist painting to me!  
With no post processing other than straightening the lines!!!

What do you think???

Here are some of the other pics from that day...

Julia Morgan is notable first and foremost because she was the first licensed female architect
in the state of California. 

An interesting building, eh?


  1. Wow, your pics are great! You did a fantastic job of exposing for the (lack of) light. What an amazing building. I still remember what fun it was to be there with you.

  2. With a little help from Lightroom...

  3. It's just lovely - and what good shots.

  4. The second shot particularly appeals to me- it looks in these shots like the place needs work, but well worth restoring.